U.S. I Research Paper

Preliminary Research

To begin your research start with a few sources to give you some background information. Example: Britannica School, Wikipedia, Biography.com


A variety of books for your project have been pulled . All books will stay in the library for the duration of the project so all students will have access.
A Collection has been created for this assignment.
You may also search the two library catalogs for additional books.

  • Destiny Discover– the school library catalog offers materials available from the Park Ridge school library and 36 other school libraries. 
  • BCCLS – the public library catalog offers materials from the Park Ridge Public library and 77 other public libraries.


Databases are another resource you can trust without evaluating. The following will be useful for this project:

Primary Sources

Primary sources are original records created at the time historical events occurred or well after events in the form of memoirs and oral histories. Primary sources may include letters, manuscripts, diaries, journals, newspapers, speeches, interviews and memoirs.

This assignment requires you to have 2-3 primary sources. Please see the Primary Source Page for additional information. Most of the databases have provide primary resources.


To avoid plagiarism all work that you use must be included on your Works Cited page. You must also include in text citations for all quotes, summaries and paraphrasing!