President’s Project


Choosing sources that are reliable and accurate are necessary for your research. It will help you gather information more effectively. To begin this assignment you will start with the following resources:

  • ABDO Digital (Database)
  • Your history textbook
  • Books – have been pulled and are located on the back table in the library

Additional Resources

  • Britannica School (Don’t limit your search to Middle School)
  • Facts on File – American History Online
  • EBSCO – Explora for Primary School
  • World Book – Info Finder (Use your public library card)
  • Grolier Online  – America The Beautiful —> US Topic–> Presidents (Use your public library card)



To avoid plagiarism you must include citations.

  • Books

Structure: Last name, First name. Title of Book. Publisher, Year of Publication.

Example: Hickman, Homer. Rocket Boys. Delta, 1998.

  • Databases – Copy and paste citations from the database
  • Images – Use Britannica ImageQuest (citation provided)
  • Movies – See below example from History Channel

Mr. Studebaker. “The Presidents of the United States Episode 1 1789 1825 History Documentary.” YouTube, 5 Jan. 2015.