Mrs. McClair


Books are a great resource for all academic research. Most books for this assignment have already been pulled for you. If you are looking for additional books- check out the school or public library catalog:


Databases are another resource you can trust without evaluating. The following school databases will be useful for this project:

  • ABC-CLIO – Daily Life through History (others may also be useful)
  • EBSCO – Explora High Schools
  • Facts on File – History Research Database search
  • Gale – Gale Virtual Reference
  • ProQuest – ELibrary and SIRS Discoverer


Using a website for research should be your last resort. If you use a website, you must evaluate before you decide to use the information. See Mrs. McClair for approval of a website BEFORE you use the information from the website. Approved websites:


To avoid plagiarism all work you use must be included in your Works Cited page. You must also include in text citations for all quotes, summaries and paraphrasing.